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Hello My Beloveds,

Welcome to the month of December, the month of Light, Light and even more Light!!

This year marks the 30th Anniversary of my personal Spiritual Journey, and the 22nd year of sharing The Teachings, Meditations and Spiritual Tools For Transformation, as taught by the Brotherhood of Light, with you.

In 1995 I taught my first 8 week workshop known as, “The Teachings,” to eleven students, which gave birth to my organization, Entering the Holy of Holies, An Institute of Learning and Healing, Inc. (ETHOH)

ETHOH is my not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization that has become “home” to many of you and the place where you were able to grow personally and develop spiritually by participating in our meditation classes, workshops, retreats, seasonal cleanses and Woman’s Rite of Passage, all which were designed to help you to heal your heart and recreate your life in Love.

It has been my Supreme Pleasure and Great Honor to have served you for the last 22 years. And in my desire to continue serving you with greatness and excellence Entering the Holy of Holies, Inc. will temporarily discontinue all our Meditation and Spiritual Tools For Transformation programs, services and events beginning January 2018. What makes this moment even more profound is that God is calling me to return to my own Inner Sanctum to be with Him.

For the entire month of February, I will be on an Ashram, immersed in the spiritual practices of meditating, chanting and praying, healing my heart and preparing myself to hold even more of His Love, that I may best serve YOU!

Upon my return, Entering the Holy of Holies, Inc. will focus largely on rebuilding our infrastructure by securing a home base, hiring a fundraiser and/or grant writer and a small staff, all which will sustain and support our ability to best serve you in 2019 and beyond!

As you can imagine the rebuilding of our infrastructure is a huge undertaking and we will need your help. You can support ETHOH by:

– Making a Tax-Deductible Donation to our Year-End Fundraising Campaign
– Participating in our 2018 Tithing Campaign
– Helping ETHOH Find and Secure a Home Base

~ Volunteering Your Skills With ~
* Graphic Design
* Strategic Planning
* Social Media Management
* Grant Writing/Fundraising
* Not-For-Profit Management
*Online Presence Development

– And So Much More…….

BUT! I still will be teaching ALL my Traditional West African Dance Classes, both at Countee Cullen and Promise Academy, Monday through Thursday and will be continuing my private practice of Reiki and Ministerial services.

What you CAN look forward to in 2018 besides my ongoing dance classes are: Dancing Into Spring (May), Dancing In the Park (August) and Dancing Into the Light (December). Additionally, we will post quarterly Newsletters to keep you informed of our development and transformation.

What you can still look forward to this December 2017 are our last three programs for the year, our: Winter Solstice Cleanse: Becoming Fearless, Dancing Into the Light and Midnight Meditation For World Peace.

Be happy for me My Beloveds. And be happy for Entering the Holy of Holies, Inc. This is an enormous adjustment for all of us but a necessary one if we all are to grow and ascend into our Pure Purpose and serve humanity as God intended.

Know that you are always in my heart and that I am eternally grateful to each and every one of you for the years of Dedication, Love and Support that you offered to me personally and Entering The Holy Of Holies, Inc. professionally.

I Love You With All That I AM,

~ Reverend Nafisa

Year-End Giving

As a Volunteer Based Organization Your Tax-Deductible Donation Is Needed To Help Maintain Our Monthly Expenses Throughout 2018: Rent, Administrative Services, Social Media Services and So Much More.

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