Reverend Nafisa’s Private Practice

Each private session is uniquely designed to meet the needs of anyone seeking wholeness and healing in his/her life. These one-on-one healing sessions are tremendously relaxing, as they promote clarity, increased spiritual energy and well-being, and bring peace and harmony to one’s life. Please select from the following sessions: Reiki & Meditation/Conversation.

Reiki, a Japanese word that means “Life Force” is a very gentle and relaxing healing technique that balances and attunes the body to the highest vibrations of Love and Light while removing blockages from the seven main energy centers within the body known as, “chakras“.

Chakras are energy centers within the subtle body that are comprised of thousands of nerve endings that converge to a point, like spokes on a wheel, to form a vortex or portal that allows or disallows energy to flow throughout the body. When the chakras are “clear” energy flows effortlessly and freely, allowing for optimum health and vitality in your life. When the chakras are “clogged” energy cannot flow so easily, often causing pain, discomfort and disease.

Reiki does not claim to cure diseases, only to assist in the body’s natural healing process by releasing the blockages caused by stress and repressed emotional energy. Once the body is free from the blockages it can then begin the process of healing itself. This results in greater vitality, harmony, peace and joy in an individual’s life!

Meditation/Conversation is designed to assist an individual to discover and discuss deeper issues that have caused his/her heart to shut down, resulting in a life of pain, anger and fear. Through meditation, gentle guidance is offered to meet the needs of the individual’s healing process by assisting him/her to quiet his/her mind, relax his/her body and open his/her heart to the vastness of Wisdom, Love, Light and Joy that resides within.

Meditation for Couples:
Meditation for Couples is appropriate for those who are either engaged, already in committed relationships or contemplating marriage/divorce. Throughout the meditation session couples are encouraged to speak the Truth that resides within their hearts without fear of being judged, criticized, abandoned or rejected. Emphasis is placed on deep listening and resolving conflicts peacefully while integrating spiritual tools and techniques that will assist the couple to communicate honestly with integrity and authenticity.

Private Session Fees:

Individual Sessions
~ Reiki and Meditation/50 minutes/$85
~ Reiki and Meditation/80 minutes/$125

Session for Couples
~ Meditation and Conversation/80 minutes/$175 per session 

3-Session Packages
*Save $15 When You Purchase Any 3-Session Package!

~ Three 50 minute Individual Sessions/$240
~ Three 80 minute Individual Sessions/$360 
~ Three 80 minute Sessions for Couples/$510 

Please note: All 3-session packages must be paid in full at time of purchase.

For Weddings, Baby Naming/Blessings, Memorials, Funerals please contact Reverend Sharriff directly at:; 212.841.5449.

Session Fees