There are several ways you can offer your support and assist the mission of ETHOH: Tithe, Donate, Subscribe, Collaborate, Offer In-Kind Services and Volunteer. Please see our listing below.

Tithe 10% of Your Annual Salary:

Tithing is an offering of 10% of your annual income in recognition and gratitude for the Blessings that God has bestowed upon you. Please see the tithing options available for you to make your donation.

Tithe Donation

Monthly Monetary Offering:
Select a time of month that works best for you make your donation on that specific date of the month. You are welcome to mail in your donation or you can use our online PayPal account. Service fee will apply.

Subscription Options:

Feel free to make a donation anytime of the year that you are inspired to give! You are welcome to mail in your donation to the address below or to use our PayPal account. Service fee will apply.

Anytime Donations

ETHOH Building Fund:
By moving into our home, a building that is centrally located and easily accessible to everyone, we would better be able to serve and provide Meditation, Spiritual Tools for Transformation and Wellness Services that balance the mind, body and spirit to individuals seeking personal growth and spiritual development, regardless of their faith or religious affiliation. You are welcome to mail in your donation to the address below or to use our PayPal account. Service fee will apply.

ETHOH Building Fund

Planned Giving:
Planned giving refers to gifts that are willed or entrusted to an organization. Please consider including ETHOH when creating your will and planning for your future.

You are welcome to join any of our committees: Programming, Fundraising, Marketing, Financing and Board Development that appeals to you. Additionally, you may wish to volunteer on a regular basis or per project.

In Kind Service:
If you would like to offer your professional service to ETHOH – free of charge – please contact us at the information below.

One of the ways you can support ETHOH is to donate office equipment and supplies that are no longer being used or sold. As a not-for-profit organization your donation to ETHOH is tax-deductible as provided by law.

Many networking and collaboration opportunities exist within the ETHOH organization. If you would like to participate in a joint venture with ETHOH please feel free to contact us anytime.

Thank you for your support. No offering is too small and all donations are tax deductible as provided by law.