Our Four Seasonal Cleanses

We warmly invite you to join us for one or all four of our Seasonal Cleanses.
Every three months we honor the change of season and deepen our alignment to nature by celebrating the Spring/Fall Equinoxes and the Summer/Winter Solstices with a 9-Day Detoxification Cleanse.
The uniqueness of our Seasonal Cleanses is the whole-body approach to clearing and healing toxins from not only the physical body but also the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, as well. 
All of our Cleanses are 9-days long and offer great support both individually and collectively. Every participant will receive a supply bag with a specific tincture for the season, a 10-day supply of herbs and nutrients to support the healing/elimination process, bath and beauty products for bathing and cleansing the body along with a 22-Page Handbook (all included in the fee) to guide them through every step of the Cleanse, from the daily schedule to meditations, prayers, affirmations, a supply list, food recipes, bathing rituals and Prayer Partners.
Each Seasonal Cleanse is preceded by a four-hour orientation to properly prepare each participant for the Cleanse. 
We will culminate our Cleanse with a Follow-Up Feast at Spa Castle in College Point, Queens where we can steam, scrub and sauna the last remnants of toxins from our body and then share our personal experiences of the Cleanse over a delicious meal! (Included in the fee.)
In addition, Private Practitioners are available (at an additional cost) to offer their healing services in Reiki, Meditation, Massage, Acupuncture and Colonics to those who wish to deepen their Cleanse experience.
Our Four Seasonal Cleanses
Healing the Holy of Holies of Your Heart: A Spring Equinox Cleanse focuses on the purification of our HEARTS/Fourth Chakra and the unworthiness, self-hatred, low self-esteem and self-destructive behavior that keeps us from experiencing the Pure Love, Light, Peace and Joy that we are!
Acknowledging and Dissolving Anger: A Summer Solstice Cleanse focuses on the purification of our LIVERS/Third Chakra and the anger and rage that are stored in both our livers and gall bladders.
Forgiving Abandonment and Rejection: A Fall Equinox Cleanse focuses on the purification of our BOWELS/Second Chakra – both large and small intestines – and all the unexpressed feelings of abandonment and rejection that are suppressed and buried there.
Becoming Fearless: A Winter Solstice Cleanse focuses on the purification of our KIDNEYS/Seventh Chakra and the crippling fear that keeps us from realizing our dreams and manifesting the life we long for.
Join us for one or all four of our Seasonal Cleanses and experience a new YOU from the inside out. You will never be the same!
Seasonal Cleanse Fees
Individual Cleanse Fee = $175 
Package of All Four Cleanses = $600 (Must be purchased in full by March 2, 2019.) 
Purchase All Four Cleanses and Save $100!

All Four Cleanses