Peace & Prosperity Tithing and Donations Campaign

Welcome to our Peace & Prosperity 2018 Tithing and Donations Campaign! We warmly invite you to join us in our campaign to rebuild the Entering the Holy of Holies, Inc.’s (ETHOH) infrastructure. Our goal is to raise $25,000 throughout this campaign. Your financial gift will be allocated to supporting the day-to-day expenses of running our organization and cultivating our future learning and healing programs and events.
This year ETHOH has chosen to suspend all programs, services and events to focus our attention on finding a home base for ETHOH, hiring a grant writer/fundraiser & a small staff. Additionally, we will be creating new programs and re-introducing old favorites to better serve you when we resume in 2019.
Entering the Holy of Holies, Inc. is a Self-Sustaining, 100% Volunteer-Based organization. Without our programs and events our ability to maintain our monthly expenses and grow our business has become very challenging. Your generous tax-deductible donations will allow us to meet our goals and prepare for our future.

Peace & Prosperity
Tithing and Donations Campaign


Who We Are

Entering the Holy of Holies, An Institute of Learning and Healing, Inc. is a spiritual and educational organization whose mission is to provide Meditation, Spiritual Tools for Transformation and Wellness Services that balance the mind, body and spirit to individuals seeking personal growth and spiritual development regardless of faith of religious affiliation.
At ETHOH our motto is simple. We help people recreate their lives in Love.  We believe that world peace is possible but that it must first begin at an individual level before it ever manifests on a global scale.

We know first-hand just how difficult the transformational process is but we also know that when an individual begins the process of Meditation, Contemplation, Reflection and Self-Responsibility his/her entire world begins to change – for the better! And as healing takes place at the mind, body, spirit level the heart naturally opens and the ability to love oneself and others becomes easy, effortless and even contagious!

Services We Provide

For the past twenty-three (23) years, fourteen (14) as a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization, ETHOH has offered classes and workshops in Meditation, Retreats, Seasonal Detoxifying Cleanses, a Woman’s Rite of Passage and traditional West African Dance Classes from the Old Malian Empire all designed to assist people to heal their hearts and recreate their lives in love.  

Why Tithe or Donate?

People tithe and donate to a charity or non-profit organization because they believe in the mission of the organization and want to support the programs and events that carry out the Founder’s mission.
Reverend Nafisa Sharriff has dedicated her life to developing programs, services and events that support an individual’s personal growth and spiritual development on multiple levels. Many of her services are free or low cost so the average person can participate and benefit from these life-changing services.
Meditation, Spiritual Tools for Transformation and Helping People Recreate Their Lives In Love are three reasons why people donate to Entering the Holy of Holies, Inc. Knowing their financial donation is going to support Reverend Nafisa carry out her mission and vision to help people recreate their life in Love is reward unto itself.

Ways to Donate

You can support ETHOH by Tithing 10% of Your Annual Income, establishing a Monthly Monetary Subscription, an Anytime Donation or a Planned Giving Donation.
To make your tax-deductible pledge now please visit our Donation Page or you are welcome to mail your pledge to our Contact Information listed below.

Donating By Mail

Please make your check/money order (no cash please!) out to ETHOH and mail your tax-deductible donation to:
Entering the Holy of Holies, Inc.
Post Office Box 230144
New York, NY 10023


“Words cannot express the enormous gratitude that I will always have for the keys that ETHOH has given me to unlock my potential, to find my purpose, to seek answers within myself and to utilize the precious moments of stillness and solitude to maintain balance and harmony in my life”.

            ~ Athena B. Moore, Director/Gale A. Brewer, Manhattan Borough President

“I have never felt less than welcome and at home.”

              ~ Make Life Good

“My entire way of being has been forever altered by my participation in Entering the Holy of Holies. The Teachings have changed my life in a most extraordinary way and words cannot express my gratitude for the role it has played in my life”.

                                             ~ Sadiqa Wahhaj, MSW

“I never thought that the hard shell surrounding my heart would crack and let the light shine through and radiate outward. I have experienced what living in Love & Light means and it feels very good!”

                                                                   ~ Denica Abdur-Razzaaq/Dancer

“ETHOH has become part of my life fabric since 2011. Through meditation, fasting, and volunteering I’ve open my heart even more to God.”

                            ~ Tricia Taitt, Principle/The Art of Money Matters, LLC

“I am eternally grateful for these Teachings and to Nafisa Sharriff for bringing these Teachings to the community and providing a safe and warm environment to heal”.

                                                          ~ Denise Carrillo/NYC Schools Educator

Please visit our Videos Page to view the ETHOH Promotional Video.

To learn more about Reverend Nafisa Sharriff please visit Our Founders Page.