Spring Equinox Cleanse

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Spring Equinox Cleanse
March 2, 2019
27 Mt. Morris Park West
New York, 10027
Healing the Holy of Holies of Your Heart – A Spring Equinox Cleanse: March 11th – March 19th; Orientation: Sat. March 2nd, 1pm – 5pm; Location: 27 Mt. Morris Park West, New York, NY 10027; Fee: $185
Join us for Healing the Holy of Holies of Your Heart – A Spring Equinox Cleanse. Immerse yourself in 9 days of purification and transformation as you discover and discard physical, emotional and spiritual energy that no longer serves you.
The Spring Equinox Cleanse will begin on Monday, March 11th and end on Tuesday, March 19th. Our trip to Spa Castle in College Point, Queens will follow on Saturday, March 23rd.
The focus of this season’s Cleanse is the purification of our Heart and Fourth Chakra and the unworthiness, low self-esteem, self hatred and self-destructive behavior that keep us from experiencing the Pure Love, Light, Peace and Joy that we are.
Throughout the Cleanse we will gradually reduce our food intake until we are drinking only fresh fruit juices and fresh vegetable juices. On the final day of the Cleanse we will drink only the Master Cleanse (alkaline water, cayenne pepper, lemon and grade B Maple Syrup) to flush the remaining toxins out of our bodies.
The Cleanse will consist of taking an herbal tincture of Hawthorn berries, leaves and stems, probiotics and a gentle herbal laxative daily (all included in the price). 
Additionally, various Private Practitioners (Massage, Reiki, Colon Hygienist and Private Meditation) will be available to support your Cleanse process by helping you to release feelings of unworthiness, self-pity and irresponsibility from your body at a deeper level. ($85 Additional Fee)
Throughout the Cleanse you will receive daily emails for encouragement and inspiration as well as direction on how to integrate the daily meditations and affirmations more deeply into your life. 
We will culminate our Cleanse with a Follow-Up Feast at Spa Castle in College Point, Queens where we can steam, scrub and sauna the last remnants of toxins from our body and then share our personal experiences of the Cleanse over a delicious meal! (included in the fee)
Men as well as women are warmly welcome to participate in this cleanse.
Our Four Seasonal Cleanses
*Four for $600! Purchase All Four Cleanses By March 2, 2019 and Save $100!
Seasonal Cleanse Fees
*Spring Equinox Cleanse ($175) 
*Advance registration is strongly recommended.
*A $50 Non-Refundable deposit is due by Monday, February 25, 2019.
*A $10 Late Fee will be charged beginning Tuesday, February 26, 2019.
*All participants must be present at the orientation on Saturday, March 2, 2019.

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